Kirsten Joyce

Kirsten Joyce

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Kirsten Joyce loves brightening people's mornings as the early morning news anchor at 8 News NOW. She's been on air for nearly 20 years, and has always loved being part of a morning crew. Yes the hours are brutal, the alarm clock goes off in the middle of the night, but she adores her co-anchors and the fun they have throughout the morning.

She grew up on Mercer Island near Seattle, Washington and attended the University of Washington.

Her career kicked off as a one-man-band reporter in Eastern Washington, followed by some time in Spokane, where she covered the arrest and trial of Spokane's serial killer.

Kirsten couldn't pass up the wonderful opportunity to live in the Biggest Little City as the morning anchor at Reno's CBS affiliate from 2000-2006. Senator Harry Reid would join her on the set for many interviews back in those days.

She also had the wonderful experience to check out all that the beautiful state has to offer with special Get Out and Go reporting pieces that tested her skills as a rock-crawler, ice fisher, dog musher, snowmobiler and more. You name it, she's tried it.

Kirsten met her husband in Reno, and they got married in Lake Tahoe. But then it was off to Arizona, when she joined 3TV's Arizona's Family in Phoenix as a weekend anchor/reporter. "You haven't experienced heat until you've had your high heels melt into the concrete as you're getting prepared to do your live shot in 120 degree heat," she said.

Highlights include interviews with President Obama, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Senator John McCain, and Janet Napolitano. In 2010, she had the opportunity to move home with a new job back in Seattle. Spending time with family and friends was certainly a treasure, but she is happy to switch out the nine months of rain for plenty of sun.

Kirsten and her husband are raising their two lovely daughters : one college age, and the other - a toddler. They love boating, traveling, wine tasting, finding new "happy hours", long walks with their dog, and discovering all the special things that make Nevada home. 

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