$750,000 Estimated Raised By Race

Published 06/08 2012 03:49PM

Updated 05/24 2015 11:17PM

LAS VEGAS -- $750,000 is the estimate from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure of Southern Nevada for the 2012 Race for the Cure. Money raised is still being counted, because the organization continues fundraising for the remainder of the month following the race.

            8 News Now is a sponsor of the annual race and aired the race on Channel 8 May 5.

            Stephanie Kirby, the Executive Director for the Southern Nevada Chapter, expects the earlier controversy involving Planned Parenthood to impact final numbers. The national Susan G. Komen Foundation stopped sending funding to several chapters throughout the country earlier this year. The backlash at the time was so severe, the organization reversed their decision just days later.

            "Unfortunately, with that controversy, participant numbers were down about 2,000 people and donation dollars were down as well," Kirby said. "What I'm expecting is about $150,000 they'll be down by, which is significant. That's a significant amount of money, and that's unfortunate."

            It's unfortunate, she said, because of the approximately $750,000 the race did raise, 75% stays in Southern Nevada. The remaining 25% goes into research for the Foundation's global research program.

            "That money, it helps our own community, it helps your neighbors, your family, your friends and so we're just hoping, in time, people will realize that we're still the same great organization that we've been for the past 30 years," said Kirby.

            The organization is celebrating the $750,000 raised and another milestone for the Southern Nevada affiliate. A license plate benefiting Nevada Health Centers for Mammovan was approved in May.

            "It'll take a little while to get out on the roads, but that's a significant win for our state," said Kirby.

            The Northern and Southern Nevada affiliates applied for the specialty license plate in 2007, but because the state will only allow 30 at one time, they had to wait. Now that it's been approved, it could be a year or a year and a half until drivers can choose it. Kirby says the plate will be a generic breast cancer plate, but they have a say in the design and how that money is donated.


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