A family's loss: Father and sisters of shooting victim share their story

LAS VEGAS - We are learning more about one of the victims in the Tragedy on the Strip.

Cameron Robinson was a dog lover, a traveler and committed marathon runner. And he was a huge Britney Spears fan. Paul Robinson is Cameron's father and says, "he'd set up his camera and put on his Britney Spears and he'd dance and we'd come out and catch him."

For all those reasons and more, Cameron Robinson was loved so easily and by so many. Paul Robinson says, "I love him with all my heart, and he's still with me."

Cameron was one of the 58 victims killed during the Tragedy on the Strip.
Tiffany Boozer is Cameron's sister and says, "the whole night, not hearing anything and wanting it not to be real, but knowing deep down it's not going to be good. words just can't explain."

It's Cameron's remarkable life, not death that his family wants remembered. His father beams proudly, reflecting back on the moment his son found the strength to come out. Paul Robinson says, "I already knew, I said ok."

Cameron accomplished so much. He graduated from college, achieved a successful career as a legal records specialist and found love with his partner, Bobby.

It was Bobby who would hold Cameron during his final moments, disregarding his own safety as bullets flew around them.

Gina Baker is Cameron's sister and says, "to put yourself in the line of fire to be with your loved one, you love them very deeply so I think it's an example of how powerful that is. We're all very thankful he was there and stayed with him."

Paul Robinson says, "if you need anything Bobby, I'll be there for you. Just call me anytime, you're my son."

GoFundMe account for Cameron. 

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