Added funding for CCSD helps out schools in the valley

LAS VEGAS - CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky says day one of the school year went off without a hitch. More than 300,000 students are back in class on the first day of school.

Miguel Magana is an 8th grader. Miguel says, "the teacher, she is so, she always gives me respect, and love." Magana is starting 8th grade at Garside Junior High. H, like many of his classmates, speaks English as his second language. He learned English last year. Magana says, "it was a hard challenge, because none of my family members speak English."

Under the state's new weighted funding formula, the school is receiving additional money to help English language learners and students on free or reduced lunch programs. The money can go toward educational tools, tutoring and even adding an academic period to the day.

Skorkowsky says, "they're struggling because language is a barrier to the curriculum. They're intelligent students. We just have to give them the access to the curriculum."

Parents like Estrella Gomez have more of a say after the school district's reorganization kicked in. Gomez says, "we want to make sure that us as parents are looking out for our school and the school that our students are attending. We want to make sure that they have everything that they need."

Magana says the biggest key to his success has been his school-issued iPad. There aren't enough for every student. Magana hopes the extra $450,000 in funding for Garside will change that.

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