Amanda knows what she wants

By Dave Courvoisier |

Published 07/27 2016 11:37PM

Updated 07/27 2016 11:37PM

Many of the kids we feature on Wednesday's Child either don't really understand what adoption is...or don't want to talk about it.

Dave Courvoisier introduces us to a young woman who knows exactly what it means, though.

Well, let's face it... Adoption can be a daunting prospect... ‘Kind of a difficult concept for a child whose life has been disrupted.  And it depends on the age.  Today's Wed's Child is Amanda, and like you said Christianne, she grasps the idea pretty well.

The Flip 'n' Out Extreme Fun Center is a big place, but 11-yr-old Amanda managed to get around to most of the good stuff.

This fall, Amanda will be in the sixth grade...and she admits, she's good at numbers.

“My favorite subject is math, I like to do division and multiplication,” admits Amanda.

Amanda keeps it real.  She's honest and practical about the her adoptive future.

“Adoption is when you feel comfortable and your team decides to find a perfect family for you, they will see what's best for you and then if they find a family then you can is like a forever family and tell you grew up and be your own self,” says Amanda.

“The kind of things she's talking about are kindness and care and attention,” says Becky, Amanda’s DFS Adoption Recruiter.

Amanda welcomes a family that would give her structure and boundaries.

“I think she's right when she says she wants a family that's not too lenient… she wants some structure and some boundaries. I think that will work really well for her because she has had that in the past and she hasn't now she's thriving in that that consistent environment,” adds Becky.

To get started with Amanda's adoption, call the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335.

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