An Inspiring Classroom, in "What's Cool at School"

LAS VEGAS - At Sunrise Children's Hospital, there is a very special classroom, where students study and learn while they are battling cancer. What these kids crave is normalcy - they want to go to school with their buddies - and here, that's what they're doing.

This classroom is the first, and only, in-patient classroom in Nevada....where kids receiving treatment continue their studies

This program is all made possible by a big-hearted team: tireless effort from the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, and generous giving from the Brett Torino Foundation.

The classroom is led by a full-time teacher, and team of tutors, who educate wherever students need them, including at bedside...which all helps keep students from falling behind, and keeps them feeling like kids.
A big part of the process is looking forward to a return to health, and a return to school.

Students who have thrived in this program, recently attended the 8th annual C.A.P.S ceremony, where families were welcomed, students celebrated, and 75 education awards presented to proud students!

Even with all they have already dealt with so early in life - these kids are resilient, curious, quick to smile, excited to learn, and full of joy!

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