Attorneys visit Route 91 festival shooting site

LAS VEGAS - Attorneys got their first look at the Las Vegas site where 58 people were killed and more than 500 injured during a mass shooting almost one month ago.

The lawyers were allowed Tuesday into the festival grounds where the Route 91 music festival took place. It was an opportunity for them to search for facts to support the lawsuits that are now being filed in response to the shooting.

"Today we're here because my clients need answers, my clients want answers," said attorney Catherine Lombardo.

For one day only, attorneys and their experts have the chance to scour the site of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, carefully cataloging every inch of the 15-acre site.

Until now, it's been investigators only inside the fences.

"Our experts are inside right now photographing and scanning so that we can eventually prepare a 3-D model of the concert back on the night it happened," said attorney Craig Eiland.

He has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client Rachel Shepherd.

"She was shot three times," Eiland said. "She was taken to Sunrise Hospital here. It's miracle that she lived."

Lombardo is at the site on behalf of 10 victims who filed the first class action lawsuit in the days following the shooting.

"Some of them were shot, some of them received bullet fragments," she said.

Both attorneys and their teams, seeking evidence to support their cases against MGM Resorts International, event promoter Live Nation and shooter Stephen Paddock and his estate.

"This is about answers first. How did it happen? And what can be done to prevent it from happening again?" Eiland said.

The attorneys say this is just the beginning. They hope to get copies of any drone video and other data collected by investigators in the hours following the shooting. The big sticking point is getting inside Mandalay Bay as the lawyers try to determine liability in this case.

"This is going to be step one, and next, hopefully the next week or so, hopefully we'll be able to go into the Mandalay Bay, into the shooter's room," Eiland said. 

Both attorneys tell 8 News NOW, they are also looking to see the contract between event company Live Nation and MGM Resorts to determine who was responsible for security and what the plan was for evacuating people out of the venue in the case of an emergency.

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