Acts of Kindness: Books for Baton Rouge

By Kirsten Joyce |

Published 10/27 2016 08:20AM

Updated 10/27 2016 09:37AM

Books are the prime teaching tool but what happens when entire libraries are destroyed in a natural disaster? Today's Acts of Kindness recipient is asking you to lend a helping hand, across the nation.

In August, the flood devastating Louisiana marked the worst natural disaster to strike the U.S. since Hurricane Sandy. Sophie Ladd watched the coverage from her home, “They panned over schools… there was one particular image that showed a pile of destroyed books from floods.”

Instantly she thought of teachers classroom libraries and wanted to help replace those precious   resources. Ladd teaches Children’s Language at UNLV’S College of Education. The mission of The Zieter Literacy Development Center is to serve diverse learners here in Southern Nevada. Ladd says, “Weekly we have students who come here with their families for tutoring, provided by our pre-service teachers and our instructors help with that.”

One of her colleagues reached out to the Louisiana School District and started an effort, called "Books for Baton Rouge"  to replace destroyed classroom libraries in diverse and low-income areas there. “We've collected close to one-thousand books so far, but if you divide that by 15 schools that's not very many books.”

You have until the end of this month to bring in your books to the Zieter Literacy Development Center, and or monetary donations for the cause.




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