Breaking down ballot Question 4: Should durable medical equipment be tax free?

By Karen Castro |

Published 10/24 2016 09:13PM

Updated 10/25 2016 03:42PM

As many people head to the polls this election season, they'll be faced with five measures that they will have to vote on.

Question 1, for example, would require background checks on gun sales.  Question 2, is about legalizing recreational marijuana, and using the taxes collected from the sales towards education funding.

Question 3 would do away with energy monopolies and allow an open market for other companies to stake their claim.  If passed, Question 4 would require certain types of medical equipment be exempt from the sales and use tax.

And Question 5 would extend the fuel revenue index tax which takes some of what you spend at the pump to improve valley roads.

8 News NOW plans to dig into one of the different measures every week leading up to the election to ensure everyone understands exactly what needs to be decided.
So, now it's Question 4's turn.  8 News NOW Reporter Karen Castro found out there aren't too many people familiar with what's being asked.


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