British Hacker, once hailed as a hero, is arrested in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - 23-year-old Marcus Hutchins appeared cool, calm and collected as he sat in Federal Court Thursday.
"There's no crime in creating malware. It's when you sell it that it becomes a crime," said Robin Montana Williams, Chief Operating Officer of the Cyber World Institute. 
Hutchins is one of two people named in the indictment. He's facing multiple hacking-related crimes.
According to court documents, Hutchins is accused of creating and distributing a malware called the Kronos Banking Trojan.
"Defendant Marcus Hutchins created the Kronos malware," the document states. Kronos came to light in 2014. It allowed users to steal online banking passwords.
Just three months ago, Hutchins helped to stop the spread of 'Wanna Cry'. The malware affected computers in 150 countries. Hutchins was hailed a hero.
"I didn't intend for it to like, sort of blow up and me to be all over the media. I was just sort of doing my job and I don't really think that I'm a hero at all," Hutchins said in May. 
Hutchins was in Las Vegas for two hacker and cyber security conferences - Black Hat and Def Con. He was arrested at the airport. 
Hutchins didn't enter a plea in court on Thursday. Prosecutors had no comment as they left the court house.

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