Brittany still wants to be adopted at 16 years of age

By Dave Courvoisier |

Published 08/31 2016 10:06PM

Updated 08/31 2016 10:06PM

Family ties run deep.  So just imagine what a hole that leaves in the lives of foster children who have no family?  Dave Courvoisier says that's why today's Wednesday's Child -- at age 16 -- still wants to be adopted.

Adopt Brittany, and you would most certainly be blessed with baked goods.

A little over a year ago, we were with rittany at Sprinkles...where she got to decorate their unique cupcakes.

Cut to last week, when we met up with this teenager again...only this time at "Nothing Bundt Cakes".... And sure enough, there she was again, spreading frosting.

Brittany is not short on get up and go.  She started high school this week, and told me what she plans for the next four years:

“Cheerleading, basketball, football, probably soccer,” said Brittany.

“I would say she's fun, energetic, and just full of life. That's what I would say for her,” claims her DFS Adoption Recruiter, Becky.

Brittany told me she's had enough of foster care.

“Ive been in and out of the foster care system like my whole entire life. I know what it's like to get taken from a parent at a young age,” explains Brittany.

But she's hoping for adoption, knowing she's up against a foster teen stereotype:

“It's very hard. People think of teenagers and a lot of trouble. They're going to backtalk them. They're going to break all the rules. Sometimes there just scared of teenagers. But that's not the case with brittany she's a fun sweet kid, she's got a good heart,” explains Becky.

Brittany is mindful of rules...understands that life is not a handout, and expects to work for it, but she knows there "must be someone for her.

“So I know that there's that one family out there who wants to adopt one child and doesn't have a child or who can't have one,” says Brittany.

Nothing stands in the way of your adopting Brittany, except your phone call to get things going.  Call the office of the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335 right  now.

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