Broncos star Brandon Marshall gives back to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - There is no substitute for hometown pride.

Las Vegan turned Denver Bronco star Brandon Marshall donated his weekend to the city, not for endorsements or a contract extension, but because he is from Las Vegas and that means something to him.

"I love the community, and they love me as well. To have a successful night two nights in a row. To have the parents bring their kids out and trust in what I'm doing and believe in what I'm doing is beautiful," Marshall said.

Friday night was a flashback to gym class with Marshall’s first charity kickball tournament.

Teams paid to get in a bracket and a silent auction was held to benefit cerebral palsy patients.

The ball was flying, and so were the competitive juices. Number 54's team was made up of college and NFL teammates.

"It starts off the field. We build a good family nature, a brotherhood off the field and it continues to transpire onto the field. It wasn't as easy as we thought. There was a lot of wind that helped the other team, but we got it done," said Juwan Thompson, Denver Broncos.

On Saturday, Marshall held three camps for kids.

There's nothing like a Super Bowl champion linebacker when it comes to captivating a community.

"If I can bring out successful men, successful guys, successful people to show them that and help them and give them tips and help them lead their way, then I've done my job," Marshall said.

The message went beyond the gridiron. It was about growing up.

"Grades, that's the most important. He really stressed grades and going to practice and showing up on time," said Kayjon Edwards, Canyon Springs student.

"He helped me a lot to see what I got to look out for to when I'm older, and I want to like go to the NFL," said Jaden Turner, 7th-grade student.

It's been a long time since Brandon played at Cimarron-Memorial High School and against UNLV, so you know there's one Bronco laying out this city's welcome mat for the rival Raiders.

"I mean I haven't played a game in Las Vegas since junior year in college so, oh man," Marshall said.

For now, Marshall is making a memorable impact on the football players already in Las Vegas.

"I saw him looking at me and smiling, and I was excited," Turner said.

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