California Police Officers at 'Operation Dollhouse' Brothel Bust

Published 04/23 2007 03:09PM

Updated 04/24 2007 09:26PM

Two California law enforcement officers say they were just looking for a massage when local authorities questioned them as to why they were at a local Las Vegas brothel that was busted over the weekend.

Metro and the FBI Worked together to bust eight bordellos in Las Vegas. Six people are in jail on prostution charges.

San Mateo Sheriff Greg Munks and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos were at one of the bordellos when police burst in and raided the homes.

The San Mateo sheriff issued this statement Tuesday evening.

Bolanos says Sheriff Munks asked the limo driver to take him to a massage parlor because he was sore from a law enforcement run he'd just done. Bolanos says he never went inside the brothel and quickly realized the place was not legal and he was in the process of leaving when the raid happened. The officers were questioned and released.

The bust involved several homes, actually brothels, that were raided during Operation Doll House. Six people were arrested.

In total, 25 prostitutes were found during this operation plus 3,500 tablets of Ecstasy and $20,000 in cash.

Neighbors say they knew something just wasn't right. Residents of one neighborhood near Chinatown say theirs has always been a fairly quiet street up until a few months ago when they started noticing some weird activities at the corner house.

"About 4 p.m. or 5 p.m., people would start to come in, and it wouldn't stop until the sun came up in the morning," said one neighbor.

This neighbor, who doesn't want to reveal his name or face, says men come in and out, dropped off at all hours of the night.

"Whole lot of taxi cabs and cars with California license plates and limousines, and all of these expensive SUVs," he said.

But it was hard to tell if someone was living in this house during the day.

Sandie, another neighbor said, "Very few people did I see at all outside, and I saw like five huge garbage cans completely overflowing, like two feet above. I couldn't see how five trash cans could be that full and never anybody there."

But Sandie, who is also fearful of showing her face, was bothered when two trailers were dropped off. They sit in the house's backyard. But Saturday night's raid finally answered some questions.

"I believe around 12-13 girls wrapped in blankets and some guys in handcuffs [came out]," said the neighbor.

Now this neighborhood is taking a huge sigh of relief thanks to Metro and the FBI's raid.

"Thank you God for these guys because now we have our neighborhood free of this garbage," said the neighbor.

And now it can go back to peace and quiet.

The FBI is still looking into whether the women were forced into this profession.

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