CCSD faces $34.5 million budget shortfall

LAS VEGAS - Last minute changes this recent legislative session, along with other budget issues have left the Clark County School District in the red.  CCSD is approximately $34.5 million short in funding for the new fiscal year.

Why? It's because of a more than $15 million arbitration ruling in favor of the Administrator's Union, and because of a more than $13 million deduction.  On top of that shortfall, CCSD has lost an additional $900,000 in per-pupil funding from the state during this year's legislative session.

Then once other issues, totaling about $5 million are added in, the final estimate of the shortfall rounds out to $34.5 million.

However, there's another issue causing concern. An unassigned ending fund balance of general revenue, which is money that isn't assigned to anything specific for the year,  is supposed to be fixed at 2 percent unless the board votes to waive that requirement, has dropped to 1.25 percent without CCSD trustees' knowledge.

That money was 1.75 percent of general funding revenue.

In the past, CCSD has used money left over from vacant teaching positions or attrition to cover budget deficits, but under the reorganization, schools have access to that money, which makes it harder for the district to cover shortfalls with attrition. 

In fact, one of the trustees says they believe the board overspent the attrition money from last year which contributed to this year's deficit.

They don't have long to fix the issue.  The Clark County School Board has to come up with a plan before it can approve it's amended the final budget for 2018 in December.
CCSD issued the following statement: 

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