CCSD portable classrooms ease overcrowding issues

By Sharie Johnson |

Published 08/29 2016 09:59PM

Updated 08/29 2016 11:03PM

More than 300,000 students headed back to the classroom Monday in one of the fifth largest school districts in the country.

One of the biggest changes in Clark County for the 2016-2017 school year is that many schools are now offering full-time kindergarten.  That comes with a price tag of $142 million.

CCSD's overcrowding issue has also cost the district some major cash.  For the district, easing overcrowded classrooms is a matter of importance.

William V. Wright Elementary School is located near Durango and Blue Diamond Road.  It should have 800 students, but the school has about 1,300 students enrolled, and many of them attend cl inside 28 portables.

William V. Wright Elementary School has more portable classrooms than any other school in the county.

"We know that a portable is not the ideal situation," said CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky.  "The goal is to get rid of every portable.  We have new campuses at the elementary level that are springing up all over town.  We have additions on some of our older schools where we don't have enough land to build a new school and rezone."

Teachers say one of the biggest challenges surrounding being in a portable classroom is not having access to technology.  Parents like Krystal Carmona say they don't want their children to feel left out.

"I would like them to be more connected to the school instead of outside of the school," Carmona said.

This school and a handful of others will find relief in 2019. However, right now, there isn't a plan on the table to relieve the dozens of middle and high schools dealing with overcrowding.

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