Cleaning up near Boulder Highway, Wagonwheel following severe weather

LAS VEGAS - Severe weather rolled through parts of the Las Vegas valley Wednesday, causing flooding and debris in numerous neighborhoods.

One Henderson neighborhood near S. Boulder Highway and Wagonwheel Drive was hit very hard.  The area doesn't have any sidewalks or drainage systems in place, so when it rains, a lot of dirt washes onto the roadways affecting drivers.

Following the rainfall Wednesday, crews got straight to work.  Using a small bulldozer, workers removed mud and rocks from the roadways.
It doesn't often rain in the desert, but when it does, the water causes a muddy mess in the equestrian community.

"We don't have sidewalks or drainage areas, and as you can see,  it puddles really bad, and it's hard to get out of the driveway sometimes," said Berlinda Martinez, a homeowner.

Martinez has asphalt in her front driveway, but it's a different story in her backyard where her animals live.

"Right now, in the low areas it's probably about at least 6-inches deep," Martinez said.

But, according to Martinez, her miniature donkeys Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings don't mind the mud.  In fact, they like playing in it.  However, when it came to her goats, Martinez said it was a much different story.

Homeowners a few streets down from Boulder Highway and Wagonwheel say they're not waiting around for clean up crews.

"I'm just cleaning up some landscaping that kind of washed away," said Dale Craft, a homeowner.

In other parts of the southeast valley, the monsoonal storm caused some flooding.

"We live over in Green Valley, and our backyard was flooding. It was almost all the way into the back doors," Christie Fink said.

Over at the Saint Rose Parkway trail, crews blocked off large puddles of standing water.  In the Seven Hills neighborhood, Puccini Park looked like a river.
Although rushing water can be dangerous, people with Henderson Parks and Recreation department say the public area is designed to work as a flood control channel, diverting rainwater when storms hit.

"I woke up, and it was big rain drops at home," said Anja Whitemyer, a homeowner.  "My dogs went nuts. They're not used to it."

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