Controversial MNF Catch Draws Local Backlash

By Chris Maathuis , Jonathan Cisowski

Published 09/25 2012 11:30PM

Updated 09/26 2012 12:35PM

LAS VEGAS -- Several millions wagered, watched and wondered how things have become so messed up in the NFL.

With the regular referees locked out, field blunders are increasing every week with Monday night's football debacle being the worst.

Referees on the field missed it and so did the replay officials. 99 percent of the viewers saw an interception in the end zone and somehow the NFL missed it when the evidence was obvious.

"I was in the league when we put replay in and it's to correct the wrong call and that was a wrong call." Locomotives head coach Jim Fassel said. "They can explain it 100 times, it's the wrong call."

The NFL says they stand by their replacement officials when nobody else would.

Several football experts said the replacement officials are way in over their head. Before last nights infamous call, there were 28 flags thrown along with an offensive pass interference call prior to the controversial touchdown reception.

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