Cost, flexibility make CSN good fit for students

By Paul Joncich , Jonathan Carrera

Published 08/30 2016 10:36PM

Updated 08/30 2016 11:34PM

There are more than 33,000 students enrolled at the College of Southern Nevada, which is more than at UNLV.

While the average age for CSN students is 26, they still have some of the same concerns as younger students.

"One thing that hasn't changed is you come in and your really anxious and don't quite know what's happening at the college and whether you're going to do well or not," said Dr. Shellie Keller, CSN interim vice president.

"Students really want to be here," said Dr. John Adlish, CSN dean. 

The guy welcoming students by making popcorn on this day also happens to be the dean of science and math.

"You get students from all walks of life, all ages, people that already have Masters Degrees. You have people that never went to college and they're 40 coming back. You have brand new high school students that are using their money wisely," said Dr. Adlish.

Students like Brittany Fallin who is going to CSN and is on her way to becoming a physical therapist.

"It was a lot cheaper and it has almost everything that the other colleges have so I'm doing my pre-reqs first and going to transfer to a university so it's a lot cheaper and it helps a lot more."

Seems like everyone here has a plan.

"I just want to be a mechanical engineer, maybe find a nice company," said Kelly Hopster, student.

"I'm just looking around to see what other majors I could get into other than my culinary major," said Thomas Dean.

Health science and business remain two of the most popular majors at CSN. But the three valley campuses offer more than 150 different degrees and technical programs.                 

Students say they like CSN because of the smaller class sizes and they like the price. When you compare the cost of tuition, CSN is less than half of what it would cost to attend UNLV which is considered quite affordable compared to the national average for four year universities.


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