Crowded Ballot for June Primary

By Steve Kanigher

Published 03/28 2012 11:30AM

Updated 05/24 2015 09:28PM

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LAS VEGAS -- Nevada's U.S. Senate race headlines a crowded ballot that is set for the June 12 statewide primaries now that Tuesday's deadline passed for nonjudicial candidates to withdraw.

In the marquee battle Republican Sen. Dean Heller will attempt to defend his seat this year, with Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley looming as his chief foe. Both face nominal opposition in their respective party primaries.

Heller's Republican challengers are Sherry Brooks of Reno, Richard Charles of Crystal Bay, Eddie "In Liberty" Hamilton of Henderson and Carlo "Nakusa" Poliak of Las Vegas. Among Democrats, Berkley faces Steve Brown, Barry Ellsworth and Louis Macias of Las Vegas and Nancy Price of Sparks.

As of February, Democrats enjoyed a statewide voter registration advantage of 449,675 to 402,611 for the Republicans, with 173,946 nonpartisan residents and 49,508 Independent American voters also registered. There were also 6,528 Libertarians and 2,855 Green Party voters.

Here's a look at other primary election races on the Clark County ballot involving partisan races for Congress, Nevada Legislature and Clark County Commission:

1st Congressional District -- Former Rep. Dina Titus of Las Vegas is the lone Democrat in the race as she seeks to fill the vacancy that will be left by Rep. Berkley. Republican challengers include Christopher Thomas Edwards, Charmaine Guss, Brian Jerome Landsberger and Miguel Rodrigues of Las Vegas and Herbert Glenn Peters of Boulder City. The latest voter registration data shows Democrats with a substantial advantage over Republicans of 108,915 to 56,185.

3rd Congressional District -- Incumbent Republican Rep. Joseph John Heck of Henderson is getting a primary challenge from fellow Republican Chris Dyer of Henderson. The battle among Democrats includes Assembly Speaker John Oceguera and Barry Michaels of Las Vegas, James Franklin Haning II, Jesse W. Holder and Gerald Sakura of Henderson, and Dr. Stephen H. Frye. The latest data shows a narrow edge for Republicans, with 110,882 registered voters versus 110,477 for Democrats.

4th Congressional District -- Senate Majority Leader Steven A. Horsford of Las Vegas is the lone Democrat in the race for this newly-created seat. Republicans include state Sen. Barbara Cegavske, Diana Anderson, Robert X. Leeds, Dan Schwartz, Danny Tarkanian and Kenneth A. Wegner, all of Las Vegas, Mike Delarosa of Pahrump, and Kiran Hill and Sid Zeller of Reno. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 118,509 to 92,391 in this district.

State Senate District 1 (voter registration edge to Democrats) -- Incumbent Democratic Sen. John Lee of Las Vegas faces a challenge from fellow Democrat Patricia Spearman of North Las Vegas.

State Senate District 4 (Democratic edge) -- Assemblyman Kelvin Atkinson of North Las Vegas faces fellow Democrats Katherine "Katie" Duncan and David Wallace of Las Vegas and Joyce Woodhouse of Henderson. Republicans include Linda West Myers and Annette Teijeiro of Las Vegas and Steve Kirk of Henderson.

State Senate District 6 (Democratic edge) -- Democrats Thomas Welsh and Benny Yerushalmi of Las Vegas will square off.

State Senate District 9 (Democratic edge) -- Democrats Frederick L. Conquest and Justin C. Jones of Las Vegas will face off, as will Republicans Brent Jones and Mari Nakashima St. Martin of Las Vegas.

State Senate District 11 (Democratic edge) -- The primary will feature Las Vegas Democrats Aaron D. Ford and Harry Mortenson.

State Senate District 18 (Republican edge) -- Republican Assemblymen Scott T. Hammond and Richard McArthur and fellow Republican Conrad Vergara, all of Las Vegas, will meet on one side of the ledger. Las Vegas Democrats Kelli Ross and Donna Schlemmer are also competing.

Assembly District 3 (Democratic edge) -- Incumbent Assemblywoman Peggy Pierce is being challenged by fellow Las Vegas Democrat Matthew J. Tramp.

Assembly District 5 (Democratic edge) -- The Republican primary features Bill Harrington and Barry Keller of Las Vegas.

Assembly District 7 (Democratic edge) -- Incumbent Assemblywoman Dina Neal of North Las Vegas will face fellow Democrat Stephen Taylor of Las Vegas.

Assembly District 8 (Democratic edge) -- Incumbent Assemblyman Jason Frierson will compete against fellow Las Vegas Democrat John Moore.

Assembly District 9 (Democratic edge) -- Las Vegas Democrats Andrew Martin and Don Watkins will square off, as will Las Vegas Republicans C. Kelly Hurst and Victoria DeLaGuerra-Seaman.

Assembly District 10 (Democratic edge) -- Incumbent Assemblyman Joseph Hogan will be challenged by fellow Las Vegas Democrat Jonathan Friedrich.

Assembly District 12 (Democratic edge) -- Incumbent Assemblyman James Ohrenschall of Las Vegas will meet Mickey Frazier of North Las Vegas in the Democratic primary.

Assembly District 13 (Republican edge) -- Las Vegas Republicans Paul Anderson and Leonard Foster will meet, as will Las Vegas Democrats Kelly Charles, Louis Desalvio and Leisa Moseley.

Assembly District 15 (Democratic edge) -- Incumbent Assemblyman Elliot Anderson faces a challenge from fellow Las Vegas Democrat Lou Toomin. The Republican primary features Benjamin M. Donlon, Megan Heryet and M. Marco Miller of Las Vegas.

Assembly District 16 (Democratic edge) -- Las Vegas Democrats Jesse Cantero, Mike Schaefer and Heidi Swank will do battle.

Assembly District 17 (Democratic edge) -- The fight is between North Las Vegas Republicans Len Marciano and Patrick Mendez.

Assembly District 20 (Democratic edge) -- Gloria Bonaventura of Las Vegas will meet fellow Democrats Kent L. Ivey and Ellen Spiegel of Henderson. Republicans Eric Mendoza of Henderson and Daniel Stakleff of Las Vegas also will square off.

Assembly District 21 (Democratic edge) -- The Democratic primary will feature Andy Eisen and Rick Wilkening of Las Vegas and Steve Parke of Henderson. Republicans will field Becky Harris of Henderson and Swadeep Nigam of Las Vegas.

Assembly District 28 (Democratic edge) -- Incumbent Assemblywoman Lucy Flores will be challenged by fellow Las Vegas Democrats Abraham Camejo and Luis Alberto Rendon.

Assembly District 34 (Democratic edge) -- Incumbent Assemblyman William C. Horne faces fellow Las Vegas Democrat Steven A. Maczka.

Assembly District 35 (Democratic edge) -- Las Vegas Democrats James W. Healey and Nathan Sosa will square off, as will Las Vegas Republicans Tom Blanchard and Adam Cegavske.

Assembly District 42 (Democratic edge) -- Incumbent Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams will be challenged by fellow Las Vegas Democrat Kevin L. Child. Las Vegas Republicans Robert McEntee and Stephen H. Silberkraus also will compete.

County Commissioner District C (Democratic edge) -- The only county commission primary features a battle between Las Vegas Republicans Gary Hosea and Craig O. Lake.

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