Cyber Monday's bigger than ever, expected to rack up $3 billion in sales

By Brian Brennan |, Mark Zamora, Photojournalist

Published 11/30 2015 07:18PM

Updated 11/30 2015 07:44PM

Too much shopping crashed Target's website Monday.  Cyber Monday came on the heels of a big shopping weekend that was consumed with Black Friday deals.

In fact, the big online shopping day known as Cyber Monday is expected to rack up $3 billion in sales, making it the largest day ever for online sales.

However, Cyber Monday seems to be stretching into weeks worth of bargains.  It turns out online shopping will increase year-round, causing the term Cyber Monday to get more blurred.

Ten years ago Cyber Monday was just a day that all of the stores didn't even participate in, but now it seems like there's an online option for every store and they all have deals for the holiday season.

FedEx is expecting to ship a record-breaking 317 million packages between Black Friday and Christmas Eve.

"TVs, wearable technology, and anything smart that is on the go -- is at the top of everyone's list, said Monze Garcia, customer service, Best Buy.

Employees at Zappos celebrates Cyber Monday as merrily as they would Christmas.

"Cyber Monday is the kickoff of our holiday season which actually goes into January.  It doesn't just stop at December, so it's kind of like that hype time for us," said Alandria Jones, a Zappos employee. "We're going to have a relaxation station later; we're going to have snacks.  Currently, in our circle we're serving mimosas, fruit, and donuts, so it's pretty pumped for a Monday."

Over the last 10 years, Cyber Monday has morphed into a time when shoppers head to the internet sooner and expect deals to last longer.

"We are having specials from Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day, and the entire week to the end of this week," said Monze Garcia, customer service for Best Buy.  "We're having specials in the store and online."

The National Retail Federation expects online shopping to rise 8-percent this holiday season, that's as much as $105 billion.

A big deal locally involves  It's where online shoppers can go to get up to 30 percent off of hotel bookings and purchase tickets to the high roller for $25.



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