Details emerge on shooting suspect at medical center

LAS VEGAS - Details are starting to emerge about the man who walked into a medical office Thursday, shot two people, and then turned the gun on himself.

The shooting happened at the Center for Wellness and Pain Care near Buffalo Drive and Summerlin Parkway.

The shooter was identified as 50-year-old Chad Broderick, a former patient. His past includes mental illness, not suffering with it, but helping treat it.

The center was open on Friday. There was still crime tape in the parking lot. A vague reminder of what happened Thursday afternoon. The staff did not want to talk except to say they were doing fine.

Metro police say a former patient walked into the Center for Wellness and Pain Care and demanded to be seen immediately.

He was refused and came back with a gun, and started shooting.

The Clark County Coroner says he is 50-year-old Chad Broderick. He was the only one who died, but four other people were hurt.

"What a scary situation that must have been," said Dr. Joseph Adashek, Clark County Medical Society.

He is an OB/GYN and president of the Clark County Medical Society.

Dealing with angry patients is, sometimes, part of the job.

"We have had patients or their husbands at times irate at us for certain reasons. At times, it's been kind of scary," Dr. Adashek said.

He says the field of pain management can be particularly sensitive. Patients are often on strong, potentially addictive medication.

"How to help patients go through withdrawal carefully. Otherwise, you're going to have patients who go through withdrawl and are going to become desperate," Dr. Adashek said. "Desperate people do desperate things."

What led to Thursday's shooting isn't clear.

State health officials say Broderick was a counselor at Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health from 2008 to 2011.

Beyond that, there is little insight into why what happened happened.
metro says since the shooter is dead so the investigation is essentially closed.

Two people were shot inside the clinic yesterday, two others were injured trying to get away.
None of the injuries are life-threatening.


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