Driving You Crazy: Short sound wall at U.S. 95 and Flamingo

LAS VEGAS - A viewer asks why the sound wall on U.S. 95 between Desert Inn Road and Flamingo Road isn't larger. The viewer says the wall is short, ineffective and does little to reduce noise. He calls it little more than a hub cab deflector.

Nevada Department of Transportation officials say the sound wall was installed to catch wayward auto parts. A truck tire bounced over the barrier and into nearby houses, which prompted a request for the sound wall.

In general, sound walls are not the complete answer to noise reduction. The science of freeway acoustics involves factors such as distance, elevation, pavement type and proximity to homes. Although sound walls dampen noise, they don't eliminate it.

Calling this wall a hub cap deflector is accurate, since it is designed to protect homes from flying auto parts.

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