Fight crowd is expected to be fruitful to Las Vegas economy over the weekend

LAS VEGAS - The talk of the town across the Las Vegas this weekend boils down to just two names: Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

Along with the fighters, who will pocket a hundred plus million dollars, vendors, hotels, and the airports are starting to see an influx of people and money, which is expected in fabulous Las Vegas is fight central this weekend.

"It's a big deal you know what I'm saying," said Sammy Hernandez, visiting from Chicago? "To actually witness the history!"

"It's been ridiculous, said Shawn Behlin, visiting from Atlanta. "Yeah, off the chain."

The money will continue to pour in all weekend as fans spend hundreds of dollars at a time on fight gear.  Pop up merchandise stores are benefiting big from fight weekend.

If the boxing match sells out, the amount of money expected to be made from ticket sales is $70 million.  The average price of a ticket is about $3,300.

There will also be tens of thousands of people coming to town who don't have tickets to the main event, but they're still spending money.

"We all got in touch, and we're like we have to get the money together, get to Vegas, and see what's going to be the greatest fight of the century," said Connor Walsh of Dublin, Ireland.

"So you know, I already know the prices, everything is up high up there man, especially around fight time," Hernandez said.

8 News NOW reached out the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for expected tourism numbers for the weekend, but it doesn't have an estimate on hotel occupancy.
Rates have gone down in the past 24-hours, and that suggests some open rooms, prices on the strip range from a hundred to around $600.

Another big impact Las Vegas' economy will receive over the weekend is private planes. The airport lot is already starting to fill up.  McCarran Airport officials say by fight time Saturday, there won't be a place to park a private plane.

VIP traffic is expected to peak in the hours before the fight.  Henderson Executive Airport is also expecting privet jet parking to be near capacity.
McCarran is also debuting a database for pilots to coordinate flights out of the city after the fight.  This is being done in an attempt to avoid delays on the taxiways.

Airport officials say flights out of Las Vegas Sunday and Monday are nearly sold out.  They recommend getting to the airport early because re-booking opportunities are likely to be limited if you miss your flight.
People watching the big boxing match from home will fork over $100 for the Pay-Per-View feed.
UFC President Dana White expects it will generate a record $485 million. That's $30 million more than the Mayweather/Pacquiao bout.

"It's the most distributed fight ever in the history of any fight," according to White.

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