Fire officials urge cooking safety

By Patranya Bhoolsuwan |, Jonathan Carrera

Published 11/25 2015 11:02PM

Updated 11/25 2015 11:20PM

AAA estimates more house fires happen on Thanksgiving Day than any other time of the year. Local fire officials offer tips on how to keep you and your family safe.

Many people are busy around the holidays, and safety sometimes takes a back seat.

Disasters happen every year, and many start in the kitchen.

Fire officials say cooking fires are the number one type of fires they see in Las Vegas. Additionally, they see three times as many cooking fires on Thanksgiving than during any other time of the year.

Deep frying turkeys is one of the culprits. Tim Szymanski with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue says, if you choose to do deep fry your bird, take some precautions.

"It has to be ten feet away from every building,” he said. “It has to be a flat, level surface – no incline. The turkey has to be thawed out and dry. It can't be frozen. When they drop a frozen (turkey) into oil, it expands four thousand times, and it causes oil to come up over the side."

Fire officials warn people to never use outdoor cooking equipment – such as a barbecue – inside the house or garage. They can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, and fire crews say an entire family can lose consciousness when using charcoal grills inside the home for cooking or heat.

Finally, never leave cooking food unattended.

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