Foreclosure Vandalism Law Takes Effect

By Guy DeMarco

Published 10/01 2011 05:23PM

Updated 10/01 2011 05:24PM

LAS VEGAS - Several new Nevada laws went into effect Saturday, including one aimed at penalizing people who vandalize foreclosed or vacant properties.

The new law makes it an offense for anyone to vandalize a foreclosed property. It's a growing problem in Las Vegas, which is among one of the worst cities in the country for foreclosures.

Many homeowners vandalize their foreclosed homes in acts of defiance, but they aren't the only ones targeting these properties. Thieves are causing damage as well.

"Right now, there is a big market for scrap copper and other metal material within the house," said Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors President Paul Bell. "So, there have been cases where AC units and compressors have been removed from the property."

Realtors say they hope this new law will help increase property values across the valley. Anyone caught vandalizing vacant or foreclosed homes will face misdemeanor charges.

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