Gas being restored to 3,000 homes impacted by gas fire

By Nia Wong |, Neb Solomon

Published 07/27 2016 09:17AM

Updated 07/27 2016 11:25PM

More than 2,500 Southwest Gas customers had their service restored Wednesday night, following a gas leak and accident Tuesday.

Southwest Gas teams will likely return to the area near Anasazi Drive and N. Hualapai Way Thursday to help remaining customers.

The utility says its biggest challenge is making contact with homeowners. Approximately 115 Southwest Gas technicians spent Wednesday trying to reach them.

In order for gas to be restored, these teams need to manually relight gas and check to see things are running properly.

So far, technicians made two attempts to reach all affected customers.

They are planning to do a third pass, but it's unclear if that has already happened or will happen Thursday morning.

"We need an adult at home, 18 and above. We will need to enter those homes, again, to check those natural gas appliances,” said Southwest Gas Public Information Officer Sonya Headen. “It doesn't take a long time, and then we're in, and we're out."

For homeowners who still don't have gas service, Southwest Gas asks that they not try to relight their gas themselves and leave it to the professionals.

As for the leak that caused this outage, Headen says the utility will finish its investigation as soon as gas is restored to all affected homes.

Some technicians were called in from California and Arizona to help with the efforts.

Homeowners should know when a Southwest Gas technician comes to their home. Technicians will arrive in vehicles with Southwest Gas logos, and all technicians wear Southwest Gas shirts.

Homeowners can also ask for their I.D.s and/or call the Southwest Gas call center to ensure these technicians are who they say they are.

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