Get Ready for .Vegas Domain Names

Published 06/20 2011 02:14PM

Updated 06/20 2011 02:14PM

LAS VEGAS -- The next time you surf the web, the .com that comes after websites could end from anything -- .bank to even .vegas after the international organization that oversees the internet address system approved a major overhaul.

A vote thousands of miles away in Singapore by the group that oversees the internet address system can make a world of a difference for Las Vegas.

"This vote allows the internet to be open for the first time to companies, or individuals, who want to promote a vary specific brand -- .pepsi, for example, .canon, and now .vegas," said , .Vegas President Jim Trevino.

For the last four years, Trevino has been working to acquire the .vegas domain. He's been waiting for this vote to happen.

"If every computer in the world could access this and resolve the .vegas top-level domain, the city, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority couldn't pay for that exposure," he said.

The LVCVA is all for anything that helps attract tourists to Las Vegas.

"When it comes to the potential of .vegas, if it's another thing that's going to help, that's fantastic. If it's available to us or picked up by the public, that's something we can use," said Jeremy Handel with the LVCVA. 

Trevino says the city has endorsed their efforts for .vegas and sees these changes to the internet as a way to promote tourism, but also a way to help locals.

"It will keep the searches local first. So those local businesses that capture a .vegas top-level domain, when people go onto the web and search for those types of things in Las Vegas, those addressed will resolve first," he said.

If the change is approved it would be the most sweeping transformation of the domain name system since its creation in the 1980's.

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