Halloween brings special surprise for 3 children

LAS VEGAS - Thirteen kids walked into a family courtroom Tuesday and walked out with their new families. It was all made possible by a judge who traded in her gavel for a magic wand.

A new chapter begins for the Miller family.

 "Twelve years with no kids in the house, but now you got kids in the house," said Michael Miller. "Everything is different, but I like it, it's fulfilling for me and my wife."

The Millers say it was love at first sight when they spotted three siblings on an the Adoption Exchange.

"Jaylon has the most devastating eyes," said Monnie Miller. "When you look at him, he just reaches your soul."

Granting their adoption, a family court judge disguised as a fairy godmother.

"Little kids get excited. They want to see a fairy godmother, want my magic wand to do magical powers for them," said Judge Cynthia Giuliani.

Excited for Monnie and Michael Miller.

 "I love these parents and they're very nice," said Karisma, who was just adopted. 

She, along with her siblings, Kaci and Jaylon now have something else new.

"We  got a new name, Miller," Jaylon said. 

"I look forward to this day all year long, it's a way for children to have the love and support that they get, but finalized," said Judge Giuliani. 

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