Hualapai Tribal Court Dismisses Canyon Skywalk Lawsuit

Published 08/03 2011 02:44PM

Updated 11/20 2015 09:36AM

LAS VEGAS -- In what appears to be a final effort for Las Vegas developer David Jin, Judge Ida Wilbur dismissed a sweeping lawsuit about the still-unfinished Skywalk tourist attraction.

Jin originally built a majority of the project, but financial challenges lead to a battle between his camp and the tribe. Both sides claim the other has not lived up to the original terms of the deal. Since then, there have been lawsuits fighting over the 70 foot glass bridge jutting out over the Grand Canyon.

The tribe claimed Sovereign Immunity, a critical piece of American and Native treaty rules that allows reservations to essentially act as their own countries within the United States. Jin's lawyers feared the tribe will use the immunity to simply seize the project from Jin.

With the tribal lawsuit dismissed, Jin's only course of action is to try one final time in federal court, where the matter was dismissed until resolved in the Hualapai court.

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