I-Team: Death row inmate, attorneys seek more information about expected execution

LAS VEGAS - Nevada's first death penalty execution in more than 10 years is scheduled for November 2017.  But, knowledge of how the inmate will be put to death remains a mystery. 

On Monday, lawyers for convicted killer Scott Dozier, along with the prosecution were in court arguing over his execution.

The defense says the state is not revealing information that should be public about his execution, so they want to know more about the combination of drugs that will be used, along with how the lethal injection will occur.

"I need to know what they're going to do," said David Anthony, Assistant Federal Public Defender.  "Which drugs are going to be the ones to kill him?"

Anthony didn't hold back while in court Tuesday.  His client, 46-year-old Scott Dozier is on death row for killing and dismemembering 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller back in 2002.

The crime also led police to a second murder victim.  Dozier has made it clear that he wants to be executed, but there are still questions about how it will be done. 

"He expressed to me that he would like answers to these questions," said Judge Jennifer Togliatti, Eighth Judicial District Court.

Anthony says the Nevada Department of Corrections, through the Attorney General's Office, has refused to communicate and has ignored Freedom of Information requests.

But, on August 17, in a press release, the Department of Corrections, revealed three drugs that will be used in the lethal injection process.  The DOC also noted, "the department is prepared to carry out the order" on Nov. 14 at Ely State Prison.

The attorney general's office argued in court that revealing more poses a safety risk.

"We certainly don't want to cause harm to the operations of that facility or the inmates or the staff by disclosing something that should be confidential," said Ann McDermott, NV Attorney General's Office.

So, what's next?

The DOC is expected to provide more information about the execution to Dozier's defense team.  They also plan to make it clear to the court why any other details might be withheld within the next week.

The next court date for the matter is Sept.11th.  Last week, the Department of Corrections said another inmate could soon exhaust all appeals so another death row case may be coming up shortly.


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