I-Team: "Misfit Missionaries:" Comedians, cannabis, & the underground

LAS VEGAS - A group in Las Vegas is combining comedy, cannabis, and outreach. 

The "Misfit Missionaries" visit the flood channels to help the people who have made the underground tunnels their home. There is danger there not just from potential crime, but also due to deadly flash flooding.  

"I thought it might be interesting to bring a lighter aspect of comedians to come in and ya know, to lighten up the world," said Arthur McClenaghan who heads the group.

The Misfit Missionaries invited the I-Team to visit the underground on a recent evening.  

"If they don't want you in the tunnels, they'll light a little fire to make it smokey so it'll scare you out," McClenaghan said.  

As the news crew approached the tunnel, they were advised the right side is designated for the bathroom, and the left side is where people live.  McClenaghan said struggles in this specific tunnel are mainly related to alcohol and meth use.

Most people living in the tunnel set up their own camp, with makeshift beds and lighting, and they also had cell phones.  Some of the "Misfit Missionaries" consider themselves marijuana advocates, and use marijuana will some tunnel dwellers.  

"For the people that do smoke, you know, we'll light up and blaze one with them and just make a conversation and talk because that's how people really get to know each other," said comedian Mike Szalla.

One man, considered, the "mayor of the tunnel," told the I-Team the underground is the most dangerous place for the homeless.  McClenaghan said the goal of the "Misfit Missionaries" is to help people like the "mayor" get out of the tunnel.  So far, he said there may be one success story since the group started most of the outreach work earlier this year.  

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