I-Team: Vegas shooting victim shares story of survival, recovery

LAS VEGAS - Survivors of the 1 October Shooting are still trying to recover from the physical and emotional injuries suffered that day.

One month to the day since the shooting, Addison Short still has bullet fragments in her leg.

"I went down, and I tried to get up, and I couldn't run, so I crawled my way over to this bar area," Addison told the I-Team.

The 18-year-old was near the stage at the Route 21 Harvest country music festival when shots rang out.  Her mother, Stacy Short, says she's grateful her daughter is still alive.

"It's terrifying and horrifying," Short said.

However, Stacy also admits, that as the mother of a survivor, she is still dealing with an emotional struggle about everything.

"That fear of the what if with her and as a mom knowing that your greatest job in life is to protect your kids and keep them safe at any cost," said Stacy.  "Knowing that in those moments of sheer terror for her, I wasn't there; I couldn't be there and it's awful for me to think about what was going through her mind." 

Stacy says her daughter's resilience since the attack is what stands out to her.  Addison says she has an even greater appreciation for her mother's work.

Stacy is a Metro Police officer.  Although she wasn't working that night, Addison recalls the heroism of first responders like her mom and is considering becoming a police officer herself.

"You could tell that they went into helping everybody out," Addison said. "They weren't even thinking about themselves."

"That's why you do this job; to be there to help people and be there in those moments of saving people, but of course mom mode came first for me," Stacy said.  "I just needed to get to my girl."

One month later, while the festival grounds remain shut down for the police investigation, Addison says looking back, she would still go to the concert. 

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