Inside a Tech Innovation Center

By Nathan Baca

Published 03/03 2011 02:44PM

Updated 03/03 2011 02:46PM

LAS VEGAS -- More than a dozen high tech companies opened up their doors Thursday in Summerlin. Governor Brian Sandoval toured the Linq 360 center Thursday afternoon.

The center combines 15 companies all under one roof, most of them looking to create the hotels rooms of the future. It looks like a typical building in an office park. But inside, several tech startups opened, working together to change the hospitality industry.

"As a small business with a bunch of big businesses, the relationship with the NDA is not just going to stop today. Their sign is there as a member. We want to bring more and more groups. As we fill up our new building, we're looking at this building right now and negotiating to bring in 17 more offices and companies in this building," said Linq 360 president Scott Garrison.

Linq 360 is the center housing all of these small tech companies. Microsoft provides the backbone of the networking technology. Each of the small companies hired anywhere from five to 20 workers. They each rent office space to work on their projects, typically high tech products meant to be used in hotel rooms worldwide.

The Nevada Development Authority says all the communications links in Las Vegas attracts these high tech industries.

"People think that we put together a project or bring a company in and its all done in an hour and a half. It's not. This is a five year process," said Somer Hollingsworth with the NDA.

Projects being worked on at Linq 360 include server computers so advanced they are designed to control all 2,000 rooms in an MGM resort. There is also a wide variety of interactive touch screen video monitors designed to provide instant concierge service.

Fifteen companies already call the building home. The people running the tech center say 17 other start-up companies are looking to move into Summerlin.

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