Kingman police tactics being questioned by the experts

By Brittany Edney |

Published 09/30 2016 10:17PM

Updated 09/30 2016 10:17PM

Those who have worn the badge are questioning Kingman police tactics during the execution of a search that ended in one officer shot and the suspect dead.

Retired Metro officer Clarke Paris reviewed the body cam footage of the shooting. Paris says, "I was surprised they took so long, they gave him so much time to answer the door. Isually, they'll knock and go right in because time is on the suspect's side."

A separate retired police source questions why the officers didn't disable the security camera that you can see above the door. And why the officers would want to use a taser when up against a gun. The taser might not disable the suspect who could still shoot an officer.

Officer Paris says predicting the emotional and mental state of a suspect behind a door is impossible. Paris says, "I am sure they didn't think they were going to be in a shooting in 30 seconds. He was pretty much saying, im not a threat, my hands are over here, and I'm not pointing a gun at you, don't shoot me, and then a second later, he's pulling it up and firing at the officers."

Both police sources agree without a doubt, this is a justifiable shooting.  Paris says, "all he had to do was put it down. He knew what he was going to do, they didn't."

We reached out to the Kingman Police Department. Officials there tell me that it was their trained entry team which responded to this call because it was a high risk search warrant and they were all wearing tactical body armor. They add that home surveillance equipment is a concern that they deal with. As for the officer shot, we're told he's going to be ok.

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