Las Vegas Fire and Rescue celebrates 75 years of service

LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas Fire and Rescue celebrated its 75th birthday on Saturday and firefighters held a big event to mark the occasion. 

The ceremony was about showing appreciation for all those who have worked for LVFR over the past seven and a half decades, including the 50 firefighters who responded to the 1 October shooting.

It also served as a place for inspiration for the next generation of aspiring firefighters.

"I will think about all the lives that you helped save," read Chief Willie McDonald, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue.

At the event, McDonald read one of the many cards arriving at firehouses across the city.

"I will pray for you all for putting your lives on the line," McDonald continued.  

During the weeks following the tragedy, young kids sent cards containing heartfelt gratitude and respect to the first responders of 1 October.

"It's difficult to think about what our folks went through, but it's also wonderful to feel the support from people from around the country," McDonald said.

One of the kids in attendance at Saturday’s celebration was 7-year-old Christopher Mendendez who was decked out in his firefighter gear.

"I want to be a firefighter when I grow up so I can have fun driving the fire engines," Christopher said.

He even offered to help out during a demonstration.

"If someone was in an accident, I would operate the jaws of life," Christopher said.

McDonald took some time to talk to the passionate future candidate and encouraged him to follow his dream. A kid who again, is ready to jump in and serve.

"Like in California when there's a big fire, I would be helping like right now," Christopher explained. 

McDonald said he received a huge stack of cards just on Saturday alone. He added every single one of them is read, saved and most importantly, appreciated.

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