Latino Business Convention Hosting Job Fair

By Aaron Drawhorn , Kash Cashell

Published 08/13 2012 04:27PM

Updated 08/13 2012 04:27PM

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LAS VEGAS -- Finding a good job during the weak economy can be tough, even for the well-educated or recent college graduates.

But some of the top world's top companies have come to Las Vegas this week to hire workers and opening doors for Latino business leaders.

ALPFA, or the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, is the country's largest Latino professional organization group. It has expanded into other business sectors, aiming to grow opportunities for Latino leaders.

For one tight-knit group of siblings, who grew up in Las Vegas, looking after one another while times are tough is important.

"Thankfully, I am employed, but one of us is not," said Mayra Corn, a graduate of Nevada State College and one of the siblings.

Mayra Corn's brother, Heriberto, is working on a business degree at the College of SouthernNevada after losing his job when the Fontainebleau resort went bankrupt.

"Luck is not on my side right now," Heriberto said. "But I am working on that -- for the turnaround for me."

Another sibling, Herlinda Corn, is the co-director of community affairs for ALPFA's Las Vegas chapter.

"We do see how the economy has struggled, especially in our city," she said.

All four members of the Corn family are active in the Latino networking group.

Latinos have a growing influence, but Nevada's Hispanic unemployment is 14.6 percent.

ALPFA aims to create more opportunities for Latino professionals in the global marketplace.

"What we do is build Latino business leaders, so they can then, in turn, help our communities and help America improve," said Hector Perez, ALPFA's national president.

Ken Bouyer, director of inclusiveness recruiting at Ernst & Young, said the accounting firm is slated to hire more than 10,000 people this year, including many students.

"I think coming to conferences like this affords you a great opportunity to have an inside track, frankly," Bouyer said. "I do see things in the accounting profession, and business in general, picking up."

Times may be tough, but these brothers and sisters are confident in their careers.

"We are very excited," Herlinda Corn said. "I think personally, as our family, we are just getting those leadership skills that we need, so we can rise up in the ranks."

ALPFA this year is allowing veterans to attend its career day free of charge. Normally, only convention attendees may attend.

Major companies are recruiting. The job fair is from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday at Caesars Palace in the Octavius ballroom. Military identification is required for free admission.

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