Local homeowners file lawsuits against Construction company

By Katie Boer | kboer@lasvegasnow.com

Published 08/29 2016 09:42PM

Updated 08/29 2016 09:42PM

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    Cracked walls and broken tiles, that's just some of the interior and exterior damage some Southern Highlands homeowners are experiencing. Homeowners are blamming recent construction for the damage. The company behind the blasting is called Wesco.

   Liz Cowan Travis has lived with her husband in Southern Highlands for 12 years and said they first started noticing the cracks in their ceiling and tile back in June. Neighbors say they started noticing the damage after Richmond American Homes started excavating the property. Neighbors started talking, each one slowly noticing damage to their own homes. Many neighbors say they're reached out to the construction company...

   Local attorney Matthew Callister says, "they said in a very long convoluted email back that it was totally not them it was environment and weather conditions causing all of these damages all down this street." Callister represents several homeowners. Callister says they filed a lawsuit about a week and a half ago after the company denied responsibility and said they had no plans to stop the construction. That's bad news for Nicholas Chirillo, a Vietnam Vet and purple heart recipient with PTSD. Chirillo says, "they set a charge off. I was in the bathroom. I hit the floor. I grabbed my service dog and hit he floor. I thought it was a 175 shell."

   Just down the street, renter Tina Stattman's titles are falling off their backyard pool. Strattman says, "When we moved in, you barely could see anything in the ceiling and now you see the cracks are getting deeper and deeper and longer."

  Several neighbors have already filed lawsuits. They said they only did this because the construction company said they weren't responsible. So far no response from Wesco.

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