Local sex trafficking suvivor helps other victims

By Mauricio Marin | mmarin@8newsnow.com

Published 12/10 2016 06:13PM

Updated 12/10 2016 06:21PM

Saturday is Human Right's Day and one local sex trafficking survivor is working to put a stop to the largely hidden crime.

Randy Carter was only eight years old when his life was turned upside down. He became a victim of sex trafficking for nearly five years in Las Vegas.

The ordeal caused him pain and anguish, but he found a path to recovery.

Now Carter works to help others overcome their struggles.

"I was being molested by some pimps in our neighborhood. They would call their friends and pass me on to their friends," said Carter

The years of abuse led him down a dark road.

"Because of that, I turned to drugs and alcohol. I hated myself," said Carter. 

Carter eventually found help for his addiction and issues stemming from sexual abuse.

"I went through life struggling with a line of different issues and I ended up going to counseling for it," said Carter.  

Now he helps others struggling with their own addictions at Solutions Recovery.

"They need truthfulness and they need directness a lot of times because a lot of people are out here in the streets and the life that they are living is not out of a textbook," said Carter. 

His real life experience comes into play a lot during therapy sessions.

"If you only try and go out by yourself you're only going to get the results that you've ever gotten," said Trent Stephenson the Admissions Counselor for Solutions Recovery.

Stephenson has seen the progress Carter has with many clients.

“It's definitely to our advantage to have staff members that have walked the walk and talked the talk instead of just those who have studied it,” said Stephenson.

Carter also works with kids in the community who may be at risk of getting roped into sex trafficking.

He hopes the progress he's made in his own life helps inspire others.

"There is hope. I'm a walking testimony of it," said Carter. 

Carter says it took him a while to reach out for help, but if there's anyone out there in need of assistance he urges them to speak up to a loved one.

He says that decision empowered himself to take back his life.

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