Metro detective's daughter shot during Strip shooting; family opens up to the I-Team

LAS VEGAS - Longtime Metro Detective Richard Golgart has been a leader in raising money for injured and fallen police officers and their families, for years, so of course, the off-duty officer sprang into action to help shooting victims on the Strip Sunday night.  

But it wasn't too long before he learned one of the people who needed his help, was his own daughter.

The gunman was on the 32-floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino when he opened fire on concert-goers at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

"It's just a senseless act that you never think's going to come and affect you," said Richard Strader, retired Metro Police sergeant and family friend.

Golgart's daughter, Rylie was shot in the back.

"In a minute, those things can just change someone forever," said Christina Sapone, Rylie's aunt. "Luckily, there was another off-duty firefighter there that helped Rylie's father transport her via his truck on a backboard."

Rylie's aunt and Strader sat down with the I-Team to speak on Rylie's behalf because her parents haven't left her side at the hospital.

"I think it's the moments of the unknown where we didn't know if she was okay," Sapone said. "It's the scariest thing that I've ever gone through," Sapone said.

"There's really no words," Strader said. 

Rylie, a former high school soccer player, is 18 years old who attends Nevada State College.

"She's a fighter which I think is one of the personality traits that is just going to get her right through this," Sapone said.  "Rylie is a fighter."

Rylie has a long road to recovery ahead of her, and her family has some tough decisions to make about her treatment, surgery, and its risks, but she's already stood, even getting out of bed to get in a wheelchair.

"Rylie wants to be known as a survivor and not a victim," according to Sapone.  "She really wants to be the light for people and show that there's still good in this world even after something so evil has happened."

Rylie's family says they are sending their thoughts and prayers to the 58 victims who did not survive, along with their families.

"To experience the loss, and the tragedy and the trauma and hearing and not knowing, I don't think that will ever leave my mind," said Sapone.

Rylie's family says they're forever grateful to the off-duty firefighter who helped Golgart save his daughter's life.

"I can't even imagine what was going through his mind at that moment," Strader said.

Rylie's family has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to help with her treatments.

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