Metro looks through surveillance video to find clues in woman's slaying

By Shakala Alvaranga |

Published 10/26 2016 11:53PM

Updated 10/26 2016 11:53PM

A woman was shot to death early Wednesday morning, and according to Metro Police, her killer is still on the loose.

The homicide happened around 12:45 a.m. along Quartz Lane near View Drive.  Metro Police say they're going through surveillance video to try and figure out what led to the shooting.
In the meantime, neighbors in the area are horrified by what happened to the young woman. 

"It is scary; a young girl getting shot a couple of houses away from you. It is scary," one woman said.

The man, who's identity is unknown, described the sound of two gunshots.

"I just heard the two big bangs. It sounded like it was in my backyard," the man said.  "I grabbed the flashlight and ran over, and she wasn't breathing or moving." "She got shot right behind the left ear, and she was laying on her right side," he said.

The man who found the woman's body says he doesn't recognize her from the neighborhood, but he says the entire ordeal is a tragedy.

"It's sad for somebody that young to lose their life."  They have the rest of their life to look forward to, and somebody took it away," he said.

An elementary school is located down the street from the crime scene.

"There's a whole bunch of kids around here like I said the school is just a half a block away," another resident said.  "I mean we walk to school it takes us less than five minutes to get there and it's scary. It's scary that it would happen."

Police haven't named any suspects in the case, but Metro believe the woman, only identified as a black female in her 20s, knew her attacker.

"It's unusual to have a young female basically dumped on the sidewalk at this time," said  Lt. Dan McGrath, Las Vegas Metro Police.  "First thing you think of is something domestic, someone or who knows her."

McGrath says four witnesses have already come forward.
They all heard the gunshots but didn't see the shooting.  But, they did see something else.

"One of the witnesses saw a four-door car making a U-turn and leaving right after the gunshots," Lt. McGrath said.

Police do not know if the car was involved, but they're chasing every lead to find her killer.  This is the 140th homicide in Metro's jurisdiction this year.


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