Metro Police captain hopes little leagues will curb teen crime

LAS VEGAS - A captain within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department hopes to use America's favorite past time to curb crime in one particular part of the city.

Violence on the west side of Las Vegas is on the rise, and lately a lot of the crimes have involved teenagers.

On Tuesday, the players in the new little league practiced at the Doolittle Recreation Center located near J Street and Lake Mead.  The team had its first game over the weekend.
The Doolittle Recreation Center has not had a youth baseball team in seven years, but it just took two years for the Bolden Little League to become a reality thanks to a collaborative effort between Richard Plummer, the captain of the Bolden Area Command, and other community members.
Captain Plummer says there has been a void in the crime-ridden neighborhood.  However, when children are active, the chances of them getting into trouble are minimized, Plummer said.

"We were having issues with kids throwing rocks and jumping on some cars and things like that.  But since we started baseball, we haven't had those issues," Captain Plummer said.  "Now, we're not saying that those were the kids that were doing it, but since kids are active and doing things, and we have 68 kids participating, I would venture and say that a few of those kids are probably playing baseball and not committing acts of animism or terrorizing a community."

Violent crime in the Bolden Area Command is up about 16 percent compared to what it was this same time last year.

In fact, a 17-year old boy was shot and killed about a month and a half ago by the basketball courts at the recreation center.

Captain Plummer says they've also had recent robberies in the area, but they haven't seen much criminal activity since the little league has been here.

There are currently five little league teams at the rec, but the goal is to expand the league to include T-ball sometime next year.

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