Mistrial possible in Bundy standoff case

LAS VEGAS - The case surrounding the armed standoff at the Bundy ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada more than three years ago is put on pause and a mistrial is possible.

It centers around government prosecutors not being forthcoming with some evidence. It's evidence which the defense team believes could be helpful to the defendants.

Defense attorneys have made this accusation before and on Monday the federal judge agreed the issue needs a closer look.

Jurors were sent home while the judge reviews the matter and it is possible she could declare a mistrial.

Cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, his sons Ryan and Ammon, and Montana militia leader Ryan Payne are on trial for conspiracy and more.

In 2014, the Bureau of Land Management seized Bundy's cattle which was illegally grazing on public land.

Bundy put out a call for help and supporters showed up. Some of them were armed. The BLM backed down and the cattle were released.

Later, arrests were made in connection with that standoff.

If convicted, it is possible the defendants could spend the rest of their lives in prison. But now, after the developments in court Monday morning, they are waiting to find out if there will be a mistrial.

"The government has all the evidence, so the rules require the government to give us the evidence, especially the evidence that helps it and so when they don't produce that documentation, those rules have been broken. There are consequences. I believe the appropriate consequence is that the case will be dismissed," said Bret Whipple, Cliven Bundy's attorney.

The I-Team contacted the U.S. Attorney's office for this report. A spokeswoman offered no comment.

if the judge declares a mistrial because of prosecutorial misconduct - meaning prosecutors messed up, for the defendants - it could be considered a victory.
    this trial isn't just about land or cattle, the bundys and their supporters say it's about government overreach...

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