Montreal's pit bull ban is drawing outrage from animal advocates

By Shakala Alvaranga |

Published 09/30 2016 10:43PM

Updated 09/30 2016 10:43PM

The city of Montreal is courting controversy over a new city ordinance that bans pit bulls and pit bull types of dogs city wide. Montreal is slightly smaller than Las Vegas. Pit bulls are one of the most common breeds in the valley.

Animal advocates say the ban is outrageous. Kathy Benson with Simati Legacy Foundation says, "it doesn't give the animals a chance. It doesn't give the individuals any chance at all. It's basically murdering many many many innocent beings that have not done anything wrong."

In Montreal, any dog considered to be of the pit bull breed that's living in a shelter faces euthanasia. Benson says, "I would think in this day of age with all the animal advocates that something like this wouldn't even be possible."

It's a major setback for animal advocates, everywhere. Holly McHugh with the animal foundation says, "there's so much that can go into why an animal is aggressive and not just because of its breed."

For those who already have pit bull pets, their dog will now have to wear a muzzle and be held on a 4 feet long leash. The owner will have to pay a $115 permit fee. Benson says, "I was thinking about him and this dog is perfect. If we were in Montreal right now and he was in a shelter, this dog would be euthanized. It's unconscionable."

A petition calling for the reversal of the ban has already garnered more than 255,000 signatures.

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