Motorcycle Clubs, Bar Sue Metro Police for Alleged Harassment

LAS VEGAS - A group of motorcycle clubs is suing Metro, accusing the police department of violating the constitutional rights of bikers. The Confederation of Clubs and Scoundrels Pub filed the lawsuit Wednesday afternoon.

Their attorney says Metro Police officers harassed bikers and threatened to pull liquor licenses at local biker bars, like Scoundrels, based solely on the businesses' clientele.

"The police are interfering with private business and telling private businesses that they cannot allow certain motorcycle clubs inside their private businesses," said attorney Stephen Stubbs.

"We've not asked for a penny. We don't want money. We just want to get recognition of the situation and get the Metro Police Department to give us our constitutional rights. That's all we're asking for," said Bandido Motorcycle Club Las Vegas President Rich Novicelli.

The lawsuit includes a letter Metro sent to Scoundrels Pub in June. The letter states an event involving the Vagos motorcycle club at Scoundrels violated Clark County code and could put the pub's liquor license at risk.

Metro declined to comment on this story.

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