Mural dedicated to Las Vegas shooting victims has neighbors divided

LAS VEGAS - A mural dedicated to the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting has people divided in the valley.

The mural can be found in a neighborhood at Tenaya Way and Westcliffe Drive. Kitos Lucero is the man behind the spray can.

Lucero says, "I wait til the energy is right to where I feel it and to where I understand it and to where I value it."

Lucero  and his team painted away until they finished *this*. A memorial honoring the lives tragically lost October 1. Lucero says, "the passing of all the angels. The passing of these people. They were alive. They were here in our city and they were celebrating a good time. It was supposed to be a good day for them."

It's all in the wall. 58 names and a message of strength. Zoey Yorgensen lives in the neighborhood and says, "we just saw it on the way home and I thought it was really cool."

Jason Italiano is a local rapper and says, "it's dope, it's beautiful, it's huge. I'm wondering what the homeowners are thinking but, I'm sure they'll love it."

But some homeowners don't love it. One neighbor says, "it's an eyesore. It's not something that should be in a neighborhood. I've seen plenty of accidents and this is just another distraction for the drivers to look at."

Lucero says, "for something like this I keep the drama away. If somebody does roll over it, I'll just redo it somewhere else."

The artist says one way people who love this wall can show their support is by protecting it. 

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