Neighbor: Boy's lemonade stand is 'illegal business'

DUNEDIN, Fla. — It appears a 12-year-old Florida boy's lemonade stand has turned one of his neighbors a bit sour, calling it "an illegal operation" and attempting to get City Hall and police to shut it down.

The Tampa Bay Times reports said Doug Wilkey, who lives nearby, claims "excessive traffic, noise, trash, illegal parking and other problems," while adding it's reducing his property values.

While Wilkey is not directly next door to T.J. Guerrero, the boy sets up his shop on the corner next to Wilkey's home. And that's left the 61-year-old miffed.

"The city could possibly face repercussion in the event someone became ill from spoiled/contaminated food or drink sales," Wilkey wrote in an email, reported by the Times.

The paper reported a sheriff's deputy has been sent to Wilkey's home at least twice. After speaking to neighbors, the sheriff's office said they were "baffled" by how such little traffic could cause such a major disturbance. Around 10 to 30 people visit the operation, which is open from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Guerrero seems to take it all in stride, however, and said he plans to apply for a job at a grocer when he turn 14. 

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