NLV intersection has parents worried with start of school

By Karen Castro |, Mark Mutchler

Published 08/23 2016 03:18PM

Updated 08/23 2016 08:33PM

Thousands of children will head back to school on Monday, Aug. 29 and that will mean busier streets and more pedestrian safety concerns.

Neighbors are especially worried near the intersection of Simmons Street and Lone Mountain Road. They say some students don't feel safe walking and riding their bikes at the intersection because there are no sidewalks.

Despite frustration among residents, the city of North Las Vegas says there isn't much they can do. 

"It's pretty scary, but it's ok because I know how to ride my bike," said Aveon Johnson, student. 

He rides his bike everywhere, including to school. When he comes across areas without sidewalks, he has a plan.

"I go in like alleys or I take shortcuts off the street, so I don't get hit, Johnson said.

The intersection of Simmons and Lone Mountain is among one of the areas in North Las Vegas that doesn't have sidewalk forcing pedestrians onto the road. Two undeveloped corner lots are nothing but dirt.

"It's a busy street and it's busiest when the kids are going to school because at the same time their parents are going to work," said Gary Bruchard, concerned resident.

He lives in the areas and has been reaching out to city leaders to address the issue. He says he often gets the run-around.

"Their attitude is when somebody gets hit or somebody gets killed, then we'll take it more seriously."

But his plea during last week's council meeting didn't go unnoticed. The city has decided to install a temporary asphalt sidewalk on both ends.

"There's reasons you have sidewalks and this is so blatant," he said. "It's a busy street."

North Las Vegas officials say it's not their responsibility to install sidewalks, even though they are for public use. A 
spokesperson for the city says developers are in charge of paying and installing everything. The only problem with the intersection is nothing is being built which means Aveon will have to keep using shortcuts to go to school.

"Because you don't want to get your parents upset, if you get hurt," he said.

The temporary sidewalks will be installed on Monday at a cost of $15,000.


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