North Las Vegas pig farm makes way for housing development

NORTH LAS VEGAS - Most of the animals have been moved from a North Las Vegas pig farm.

R.C. Farms was known for promoting sustainability by feeding leftovers from Las Vegas Strip buffets to their animals. They were also known for the manure smell that would sometimes drift into surrounding areas after a good rain.

The farm is closing and being turned into a housing development.

Bob Combs is in his 70s and raising pigs has been his life work. As you can imagine, not having the animals around is a big change but he and his wife Janet have kept their sense of humor as the remaining momma and baby piglets were moved off the farm this week.

R.C. Farms used to be teaming with pigs. At one time, there were 6,000 on the farm. But now, almost all of the pigs are gone. They've been taken to a different operation. The stalls are empty and the 150 acres are being cleaned up.

Later this year, a developer will begin preparing the dirt for construction and a 500 home development called Sedona Ranch.

Today, Bob was nostalgic about the past 54 years. From the disagreements over odors to all the field trips.

"And I appreciate their patience and their visits, they would come here and give us a chance to talk about sustainability to their youth, and the school kids that would come for many a years here. We had lots of people in the 54 years we've been here."

Bob and his wife get to stay in their original farmhouse on five acres, which is very charming and built with recycled materials, but in a couple years they will be surrounded by new homes.

He'll still have a hand in the business. His two son's will run a much larger pig farm about 20 miles north, near Apex.

As of today, it is much quieter on the farm. There are only two pigs left.

One is named Grumpy because he only comes out from under the bushes when he's hungry and it's time to eat.

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