NV Bill Would Stop Unlicensed Doctors

LAS VEGAS -- The Nevada Legislature is drafting a bill that would allow the state's medical board to go after unlicensed doctors to stop them from practicing again.

Latino community groups said this is a state-wide problem requiring attention.

"There are pharmacies here that are trying to do what the pharmacies in Mexico do," said Jose Solorio of Si Se Puede. "And it's not quite right because they are misleading the people."

The pharmacies, also known as bodegas, provide medical procedures without any licensing.

Many also provide low-cost health care to those without insurance, in some cases, providing care to undocumented immigrants who don't know where to seek care.

"Unfortunately, we have individuals in this community that take advantage of the immigrant community because they can," said Leo Murrieta of Mi Familia Vota.

Although the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners encourages people to report any unlicensed practitioners, community groups said the legislation needs to be concrete.

"The laws need to be clear," Solorio said. "The message needs to be clear to the community that this isn't the way that we do business here."

As immigration reform takes on a national platform, many in the Las Vegas valley hope proper health care gets attention also.

State Sen. Sheila Leslie who originally crafted the bill is no longer in the legislature.

So now, it's up to another lawmaker to put their name behind the bill and present it.

The legislature reconvenes Feb. 4.

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