O.J. Simpson granted parole from Nevada prison

LOVELOCK, Nev. - It took Nevada Parole Board commissioners less than two hours to make a decision.

At 11:55 a.m., O.J. Simpson got the news he's been waiting nearly nine years to hear.

"Mr. Simpson, I do vote to grant parole when eligible, and conclude this hearing," said Chairwoman Connie  Bisbee.

"Thank you! thank you," said Simpson as he put his head down and sobbed.

As O.J. Simpson left the hearing room at the Lovelock Correction Center, he pointed to Bruce Fromong and mouthed "thank you, we'll talk" and motioned to call him.

Fromong, the victim in the 2007 Palace Station armed robbery, told parole commissioners he and O.J. have long since made amends.

"And he said, 'Bruce, I can't tell you how sorry I am,' and we've got a saying between us, it is what it is, and he put his hand out and I shook his hand, and I said 'I forgive you.'"

Simpson spent the better part of an hour answering questions from commissioners and making his case to get out of prison in October.

However, when asked about what he was thinking when he went into the hotel room, O.J. went on the defense.

"It was my property, I wasn't there to steal from anybody, and I would never, ever pull a weapon on anybody."

"So, you believed that the property was yours?" Commissioner Tony Corda asked.

"It's been ruled, legally, by the state of California that it was my property, and they've given it to me, I have it," Simpson said."

Simpson's oldest daughter, Arnelle, tried to soften her father's image by assuring commissioners "The Juice" would have a stable support system outside the prison's walls.

"I know that he is remorseful, he truly is remorseful, and we want him to come home, so we can move forward for us," she said.

Commissioners considered factors including age at first arrest, current age, conduct in prison and substance use and abuse.

Simpson had been drinking before the robbery and it counted against his score. But ultimately, commissioners deemed Simpson "low risk" and suitable for parole.

Now, Simpson will be counting the days. He's eligible to get out Oct.1 but the exact date has not yet been determined.


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